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Wednesday, 10th of August
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Donald Stephen Sherman

42 Raynor Road
Sudbury, MA  01776

22 Mill St, Suite 202
Arlington, MA   02474 (Retired)


Job Status:
Retired from clinical practice 2001
Still Seminal Series Speaker: American Dental Association
Still visiting faculty Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine
Share with my wife as caregivers for my 103-year-old mother, my younger brother, and one other family member

Professional Activities:
1954-1958 Brandeis University BA
1960 Summer in Jerusalem attached to the Straus Dental Clinic as a visiting student
1962-1963 Residency in Pediatric Dentistry at University of Missouri Dental School
1964-1965 US Army Pediatric Dentist in Vicenza, Italy- treating children of US Army and civilian personnel. 20 miles from Venice, Como Lakes for swimming, and Dolomites for skiing. This was a two year paid vacation!
1966-1968 Pediatric Dentist for Town of Winchester, MA dental clinic, part-time
1966-2001 Private Practice in Lexington & Arlington, MA
1966-1971 Faculty member, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, part time in the Pediatric Dental Department
1972-present- Visiting Faculty Member, Boston University School of Dental Medicine, in the Department of Continuing Education
Past President- Massachusetts Society of Dentistry for Children
Past-President- Massachusetts Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Past Delegate to Mass Dental Society for Pediatric Dentistry
Past Member Advisory Board, Delta Dental Insurance of Massachusetts- representing Pediatric Dentists in Massachusetts
2003-present: American Dental Association Seminar Series speaker on Digital Photography and Technology in the Dental Practice
Member: MARCO- a Medical Amateur Radio group assisting people world wide by ham radio to contact local hospitals for medical assistance. Sadly spoke many times with Dr. Larry Schacht, who later mixed the cyanide brew that killed hundreds in Jonestown!

Community Activities:

Rotary Club of Lexington, MA. Past President, and active recently in the scholarship committee in awarding college scholarships to Lexington students. Internationally Rotary started the Polio Plus program in 1985, and world wide Rotarians have funded and administered polio vaccine to most of the children in the world. Rotary was later joined by the United Nations, and recently the Gates Foundation, to complete the difficult task to vaccinate children against existing Polio in the 4 remaining nations where the virus is still active.

Volunteer lecturer at Regis College and Sudbury Sentior Center, lecturing to seniors on using digital cameras and digital imaging software.

Donald and Barbara Sherman Spouse/Partner:     Barbara Simon

Children:                   Jonathan (1971), Robert (1972), Sara (1973)

Grandchildren:        Matthew, Olivia, Ashley, Liam

Dear Classmates: Can it really be 50 years! It was such a pleasure to get the 50th Reunion Report. Congratulations to Jerry Keush and others for a great job. I somehow missed getting my information into the report, so I put this page together.

I practiced Pediatric Dentistry in Lexington and Arlington, and a significant part of my practice included providing care to special needs children. I also provided care to a wonderful group of adolescent girls who were under state guardianship, and , because of their difficult lives, needed a great deal of extra support to be able to accept dental care in a dental office setting. While the daily practice of treating children had its joys and anxieties, treating the special children is still a source of joy and pride. In my family life I, with my wife, raised 3 wonderful children, and now have 4 grandchildren. Barbara & I have , over the years, travelled to many countries, and I now have a paper and digital collection of over 75,000 photos. I am glad we are in the digital age, as the majority are now stored, not in shoe boxes, but on my file server. My major interests are classical music, going to symphony regularly, digital photography, using computers, and teaching dentists and senior citizens how to use digital cameras, and simple imaging software properly to improve the results. I also take time to go to lectures given by retired college professors at local senior centers. Although retired, Barbara & I still travel occasionally, and when not traveling, we are quite busy as caregivers for my 103-year-old mother, my younger brother, and one of our children. I am grateful that, although I have had a mild MI in 2003, I am healthy enough and still quite able to work with my wife to provide the family major support as caregiver. It looks like my role as a health care provider continues after retirement.

As a final note, and a real life reminder of the passing of 50 years, how sad to see the passing of 23 members of our class, including 4 dentists in a class of 16!

It has been quite a ride these past 50 years. After reading the 50th Reunion Report, I feel we have all been part of an adventure that we can all take great pleasure and satisfaction in. Even though we have not all been in regular contact since graduation, we have all shared in the results of our education at Harvard, and it is clear from the report that we have, as a group, made a real difference in the world. Dean Berry’s statement that we were the brightest class ever admitted was true, and we have, as a group, fulfilled our promise with distinction. Congratulations to us all!

I hope to see you at the reunion.

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