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Monday, 27th of June
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Learn how to use your digital camera (or the one we provide*) to take better standardized patient images, and see the images you take displayed with comment for improvement. Learn the basic camera settings for portrait and smile views. You will also view a demonstration of free imaging software to help you download, rename & organize patient images.

*A Canon Digital Rebel Xti SLR camera with close up macro lens and ring flash will be provided by PhotoMed for each 2 participants to share. However, each person must bring a sterilized pair of cheek retractors1.

In addition, if you have them, please bring any of the following (none required):
  1. Your current digital camera, with fully charged batteries and memory card

  2. Your camera instruction manual. The manual is critical to setting the camera properly for patient images. .

  3. Close up lens and ring flash, if required by the camera you bring

  4. Occlusal mirror

Cheek retractors are available from your local dental supply or from www.photomed.net from $20.00. I recommend transparent retractors.

Attention meeting sponsors:
  1. Attendance at the half-day lecture, Digital Photography and Digital Imaging: At Home and at the Office, is a prerequisite for those taking this 3 hour digital camera clinic.

  2. The digital camera clinic can only be done at meetings PhotoMed Camera is also exhibitors. They provide the cameras.

  3. I coordinate and make all arrangements with vendor so meeting planning staff will not have that responsibility. I obtain agreements from all vendors to assure their participation. .

  4. There can be 16 registrants per 3 hour clinic.

  5. The room has to be at least as large as described on the floor plan so instructors and presenters from one table do not have to shout over the nearby tables.

  6. Depending on the schedule of the camera clinics- if over 2 days or a lunch time- rooms may need to be locked to secure equipment.

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