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Tuesday, 28th of June
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This informative and entertaining multi-media presentation will help dentists and their staff understand and use digital cameras and digital imaging to improve communication with your patients and greatly improve documentation of clinical treatment records. Learning how to use this technology at home will considerably shorten the learning curve for office use, and can also enhance your vacation photographic experience. This course will show you how digital cameras, digital x-ray equipment, intra-oral cameras and scanners can all create dental images.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a basic non-technical understanding of how this technology works, and how digital images can be used. Special attention will be given to low cost methods of getting involved with this exciting technology. This presentation will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions before you invest in digital imaging. A comprehensive handout with references will be provided to simplify note taking.

Attendees will be introduced to methods for:
  • Creating high quality digital images from your current 35mm film camera at very low cost
  • Using digital images for patient consultations and submission of x-rays to insurance companies
  • Selecting a digital camera, scanner and printer. Which are best for home use and which for office use--with brand name recommendations
  • Using a scanner to digitize your current 35mm slides and negatives, dental x-rays and office documents
  • Importing digital images into Microsoft Word letters, newsletters, patient brochures, web sites and e-mail, and your current office management software
  • Adjusting and cataloguing digital images with inexpensive off the shelf software for home and office use, and specialized software for office use

This course is given as a half-day
3 1/2 hour presentation.

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