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Monday, 27th of June
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This hands-on course will introduce dentists and staff to the popular Intuit Quicken® program. You will learn how to open an account; use the account as a dental office checkbook; set up an accounting system; reconcile your account; produce reports: and obtain information on Quickpayroll®.

Participants must be able to use Windows version 9x or higher or Apple Mac, have basic typing skills, and be proficient with a mouse. These skills will not be taught in the workshop.

Note to meeting planners:
This program has been presented at the Yankee Dental Congress for the past 5 years. It has sold out every year.

Computers: This full-day course (2 hours am and 2 hours pm) requires that the sponsoring organization either provide computers for each participant, or require that each participant bring a notebook computer to the course. Several courses have been taught using notebooks provided by the dentists participating in the course.

Software: Each participant must either buy the latest version of Quicken® or the sponsoring organization can provide a copy as part of the course fee. Quicken usually sells for $35.00-$70.00, depending on version.

Workbook: Dr. Sherman uses a workbook, Get Smart with Quicken, and a copy must be provided by the sponsoring organization to each student as part of the course fee. The workbook includes a CD with the lesson data, but not the Quicken® program. Dr. Sherman can order the necessary number of copies 30 days before the course date, for delivery to you for later distribution in the classroom. The workbook cost is about $30.00 from www.tlr-inc.com.

Helpers: The maximum number of participants is 30. However, the sponsoring organization must provide 1-3 classroom helpers, depending on the number of participants. The helpers do not necessarily need to know Quicken (but it helps), however, they must be knowledgeable on how to operate in the Windows environment.

Please contact Dr. Sherman for information on the cost of Quicken® and the workbook.

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