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Wednesday, 10th of August
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ADA NEWS November 5, 2001
Seminar series puts digital photos in focus


     "It's about feeling comfortable using the technology."
      That's how Dr. Donald S. Sherman sums up his presentation, "Using Digital Photography and Digital Images to Enhance Patient communication and Office Records.”
      "I stay away from the `cutting edge' and gear this course to the novice and intermediate user;” says Dr, Sherman, whose presentation is sponsored by the ADA Seminar Series.      His goal is to provide an introductory level
course that takes dentists from software to printer to digital X-rays, step-by-step.
      "The advantages of digital photography in the rental office can't be underestimated” says Dr: Sherman. "You can improve communication with your patients and better manage your office records."
      During his presentation, he suggests low-cost methods for dentists to familiarize themselves with the technology, "get your comfort level while at home or on vacation," and advice on practical purchases.
      Covered topics include:
creating high-quality digital images with a 35 mm film camera at a very low cost;
using digital images for patient consultations and submission of X-rays to insurance companies;
selecting a digital camera with brand name recommendations;
creating digital X-rays from your existing dental X-ray films with a scanner;
manipulating and cataloging digital images with inexpensive off-the-shelf software.
      Dr. Sherman is a clinical instructor in the Department of Diagnostics and Patient Services at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine.
      To schedule a seminar presentation through ADA Seminar Series call toll-free, Ext. 2927 or e-mail collinss@ada.org. Information about the seminar is also available at ADA.org. Go to Seminar Series from Education and Career Resources in the Profession section.
      The ADA Seminar Series is partially under-written through a grant from Sullivan-Schein Dental, a Henry Schein Company and 3M ESPE.

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