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Wednesday, 10th of August
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Greater New York Dental Meeting

Dentists Enjoy Initimate Sessions with Speakers
I particularly liked Donald Sherman on making high-tech work for you. He uses symbols in his presentation; they keep you focused on what he is saying, and symbols are visual and easier to read. He spoke about the purchasing of high-tech equipment (talking to the salespeople is like talking to its mother - you'll only hear the good points), practice management systems and software, surfing the internet and ordering dental supplies on-line, the change from tire analog world to the digital world, the effect of voice activation, interactive video conferencing, electronic data interchange, and the networking of computers- He felt that the office scheduler was a very important feature of a system. Today you need a system with a sophisticated Report Manager, one that can produce all reports overnight He felt that a tape backup is very important it's like having malpractice insurance for computers. And you must have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). He spoke about many different products and rattled them all off by brand name. When looking at equipment today, you must always ask yourself who is sponsoring this speaker and does he/she have a private agenda? Don should now be added to your list of high-tech speakers to be heard. He was very interesting and extremely informative.

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