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Wednesday, 10th of August
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To: Donald S. Sherman, DMD        
From: Yankee Dental Congress 27 Scientific and Allied Chairs      
Date: 07-May-02        
Re: Course Evaluations        
Below is the course evaluation summary from your presentation at Yankee Dental Congress 27, January 31-03, 2002. Thank you, again, for being a part of our convention.

521 S
  Saturday, February 02, 2002

8:00-10:30 am
  Invite the clinician back?:  Yes

Effectiveness of clinician's presentation:

Excellent: 90 Good: 17 Fair: 0 Poor: 0
Relevancy and applicability of material to your practice:

Excellent: 77 Good: 24 Fair: 5 Poor: 0
Other Topics:

Other Speakers:

General Comments:
Excellent speaker. A larger room needed. Continue to learn new things. Entertaining & informative. More on the practice software capabilities. Excellent use of visuals. Would like to see an advanced course.

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